so i finished my draculaura’s hair today but my phone camera is such a piece of shit and I don’t have anything else currently so I can’t share how good she looks until there is daylight outside 



Current Status:


I just bought cerise wolf and that officially takes the place of the most expensive thing I’ve purchased that was a single thing 

Kill Bill Vol.1 - Soundtrack

you are the one who let me live

A bojangles is opening within walking distance of my house and I’ve never been so happy to be able to get a biscuit whenever I want in my life

I’ve been thinking a lot about pulling the money for cerise wolf out of my savings (that I’ve been putting away for a car) and then slowly paying it back by putting an extra 25-50 dollars away each paycheck until I pay it back instead of putting that 25-50 dollars away for cerise and waiting until I have enough money because by the time I can save up enough it’d be at least a month and a half and that’s too close to Christmas time for my liking

Hmmmmmm I’m horrible at making big decisions